Train Your Team to Become Supply Chain Rockstars

Empower your team with the right skills and tools in supply chain planning. Discover how training can make your team up to 70% more efficient.



In today’s volatile market, supply chain planning has never been more critical. Empowering your team with the right skills and tools can make a significant difference, enabling them to become up to 70% more efficient. This article will guide you through how to train your team to become supply chain rockstars.


Upcoming Training Programs

Here’s a snapshot of our upcoming training sessions:


DateProgramInstructorModeCity/Time ZoneLanguageSpaces AvailableSubscription Form
13 june 2024Wiser Together - DDBrix Factory Alan Jansen van VuurenIn PersonCape Town, South AfricEnglish10Register Here
19 June 2024DDBrix Factory Frederic PicanoIn PersonLyon, FranceFrench10Register Here
19, 20 & 21 June 2024DDP TrainingFrederic PicanoIn PersonLyon, FranceFrench10Register Here
24 june 2024Wiser Together - DDBrix FactoryBruno AcostaIn PersonQuerétaro, Mexico Spanish10Register Here
27 June 2024DDO TrainingLeila BouhaliIn PersonLyon, FranceFrench10Register Here
04 July 2024AS&OP TrainingLeila BouhaliIn PersonLyon, FranceFrench10Register Here
9 & 16 July 2024DDP Study GroupFrederic PicanoOnlineFranceFrench10Register Here
15, 16, 17, 18, 19 & 22 July 2024DDP TrainingLaurent VigourouxOnlineUSA/ EuropeEnglish10Register Here
16 July 2024DDBrix Factory Aitor LizzaraldeIn PersonSan Sebastian, SpainSpanish10Register Here
16, 17 & 18 July 2024DDP TrainingAitor LizzaraldeIn PersonSan Sebastian, SpainSpanish10Register Here
18 July 2024DDBrix Factory Laurent VigourouxOnlineUSA/ EuropeEnglish10Register Here
22 & 29 August 2024DDP Study groupLaurent VigourouxOnlineUSA/ EuropeEnglish10Register Here
3, 4, 5, 6 & 9, 10 September 2024DDL TrainingLaurent VigourouxOnlineUSA/ EuropeEnglish10Register Here
6 September 2024DDBrix Distribution Laurent VigourouxOnlineUSA/ EuropeEnglish10Register Here
10 & 17 September 2024DDP Study GroupAitor LizzaraldeOnlineSpainSpanish10Register Here
19 September 2024DDO TrainingLaurent VigourouxOnlineUSA/ EuropeEnglish10Register Here
25 September 2024DDBrix Factory Frederic PicanoIn PersonLyon, FranceFrench10Register Here
25, 26 & 27 September 2024DDP TrainingFrederic PicanoIn PersonLyon, FranceFrench10Register Here
25 September 2024DDBrix Factory Aitor LizzaraldeIn PersonBarcelona, SpainSpanish10Register Here
25, 26 & 27 September 2024DDP TrainingAitor LizzaraldeIn PersonBarcelona, SpainSpanish10Register Here
3 October 2024DDL Study GroupLaurent VigourouxOnlineUSA/ EuropeEnglish10Register Here
8 October 2024Wiser Together - DDBrix FactoryNick BottonIn PersonSydney, AustraliaEnglish10Register Here
8, 9 & 10 October 2024DDL TrainingAitor LizzaraldeOnlineSpainSpanish10Register Here
9 October 2024DDBrix DistributionAitor LizzaraldeOnlineSpainSpanish10Register Here
9 October 2024DDBrix Factory Leila BouhaliIn PersonParis, FranceFrench10Register Here
9, 10 & 11 October 2024DDP TrainingLeila BouhaliIn PersonParis, FranceFrench10Register Here
10 October 2024DDO Study GroupLaurent VigourouxOnlineUSA/ EuropeEnglish10Register Here
15 & 22 October 2024DDP Study groupAitor LizzaraldeOnlineBarcelona, SpainSpanish10Register Here
15 & 22 October 2024DDP Study groupFrederic PicanoOnlineFranceFrench10Register Here
21, 22, 23, 24, 25 & 28 October 2024DDP TrainingNick BottonOnlineAsia Pacific (AEDT Time Zone)English10Register Here
24 October 2024DDBrix Factory Nick BottonOnlineAsia Pacific (AEDT Time Zone)English10Register Here
28 October 2024Wiser Together - DDBrix FactoryKevin BoakeIn PersonBirmingham, UK English10Register Here
6 November 2024DDBrix FactoryPeter Van CuyckIn PersonAmsterdam, NetherlandsDutch10Register Here
6, 7 & 8 November 2024DDP TrainingPeter Van CuyckIn PersonAmsterdam, NetherlandsDutch10Register Here
6, 7 & 8 November 2024DDL TrainingLeila BouhaliIn PersonLyon, FranceFrench10Register Here
7 November 2024DDBrix Distribution Leila BouhaliIn PersonParis, FranceFrench10Register Here
12 & 19 November 2024DDP Study groupLeila BouhaliOnlineFranceFrench10Register Here
12 November 2024Wiser Together - DDBrix FactoryHerman MareeIn PersonBoston, USAEnglish10Register Here
13 November 2024DDBrix Factory Frederic PicanoIn PersonLyon, FranceFrench10Register Here
13, 14 & 15 November 2024DDP TrainingFrederic PicanoIn PersonLyon, FranceFrench10Register Here
18, 19, 20, 21, 22 & 25 November 2024DDP TrainingLaurent VigourouxOnlineUSA/ EuropeEnglish10Register Here
21 November 2024DDBrix FactoryLaurent VigourouxOnlineUSA/ EuropeEnglish10Register Here
26 November & 5 December 2024DDP Study groupNick BottonOnlineAsia Pacific (AEDT Time Zone)English10Register Here
4, 5 & 6 December 2024DDL TrainingPeter Van CuyckIn PersonAmsterdam, NetherlandsDutch10Register Here
5 December 2024DDBrix DistributionPeter Van CuyckIn PersonAmsterdam, NetherlandsDutch10Register Here
5 & 10 December 2024DDP Study groupFrederic PicanoOnlineFranceFrench10Register Here
11 December 2024DDBrix FactoryLeila BouhaliIn PersonParis, FranceFrench10Register Here
11, 12 & 13 December 2024DDP TrainingLeila BouhaliIn PersonParis, FranceFrench10Register Here
12 & 19 December 2024DDP Study groupLaurent VigourouxOnlineUSA/ EuropeEnglish10Register Here


The Importance of Training in Supply Chain Planning

Training is not just about teaching your team how to use software or read spreadsheets. It’s about instilling a deep understanding of Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP) and other critical supply chain concepts. A well-trained team can adapt to market changes, improve forecast accuracy, and manage volatile demand effectively.


Identifying Skill Gaps

Before diving into training programs, it’s crucial to identify the skill gaps within your team. Whether it’s a lack of understanding of DDMRP or difficulty in interpreting data analytics, knowing these gaps will help tailor the training to your team’s specific needs.


Customized Training Programs

At B2WISE, we offer specialized training programs focusing on DDMRP, forecast accuracy, and dealing with volatile demand. Our courses are designed for supply chain managers, production planners, and C-level executives in manufacturing companies.


Start Your Journey Today


The Role of Technology

Incorporating the right technology can make your team more efficient. Our software features are designed to simplify complex supply chain processes, making it easier for your team to focus on strategic planning rather than getting bogged down with manual tasks.


Measuring Success

After the training, it’s essential to measure its effectiveness. Key performance indicators like increased forecast accuracy and reduced lead times can be reliable metrics.



Training your team to understand their role in supply chain planning can unlock unprecedented levels of efficiency. With the proper training and tools, your team can become supply chain rockstars capable of navigating the complexities of today’s market with ease.


For specialized queries please book a meeting with one of our management team members.


Internal links:

How to Train Your Team to Become DDMRP Professionals – B2WISE


B2WISE’s AWS Serverless Upgrade for DDMRP: A New Era of Efficiency

B2WISE takes a giant leap in supply chain optimization by integrating AWS Serverless upgrade for DDMRP methodology into its platform. Experience 10x faster processing, scale-in capabilities, and unparalleled efficiency in your DDMRP operations.


We’re buzzing with excitement here at b2wise headquarters in Lyon, France! We’ve taken a considerable step with our AWS Serverless Upgrade for DDMRP, aiming to supercharge your supply chain operations.

If you’ve been seeking ways to accelerate your data processing and enhance the reliability of your entire system, our shift to AWS Serverless technology for DDMRP is the answer. This upgrade is pivotal in optimizing supply chain management, offering our clients increased processing speed, scalability, and efficiency.

Logos of AWS Serverless Technology and b2wise displayed side by side, symbolizing their integration for advanced supply chain management.

Discover how b2wise’s integration with AWS Serverless technology revolutionizes supply chain management: experience 10x faster data processing, enhanced scalability, and robust security in your DDMRP operations.

Why We’ve Moved to AWS Serverless

The Old Way Had Its Limits

Before this big move, we were using SQL databases and Virtual Machines. They did the job but had limitations, especially when handling big chunks of data. Processing was slow and unpredictable—something we knew we needed to address for you, our valued clients.

The Decision to Upgrade

Our Chief Product Officer, Trevor Boake, couldn’t have said it better: “This upgrade marks a significant milestone for b2wise. We’re committed to providing the best solutions for your supply chain needs.” And so, we shifted our backend to AWS Serverless technology.

So, What’s in It for You?

In short, AWS Serverless is a powerhouse. It auto-adjusts its computing resources based on what you need. That means faster and more reliable data processing for you. No more waiting ages for data to load and no more approximations—you get accurate, quick results every time.

This is just the beginning of our journey into the capabilities of AWS Serverless technology. Stay tuned for more updates, where we’ll dive deeper into the benefits and features of this upgrade to your supply chain operations.

Unpacking the Benefits – What AWS Serverless Brings to the Table

Say Goodbye to Slow Batch Processes

One of the immediate perks you’ll notice is speed. Our batch processes now run up to ten times faster. That’s not just a number; it translates to real-world efficiency. Whether a supply chain manager or a C-level executive, you’ll appreciate the quick, consistent data processing that eliminates guesswork and approximations.

Scale-In Capabilities: Big or Small, We Serve All

What makes this upgrade even more exciting is its scalability. Trevor Boake emphasized, “This new computational power allows us to scale in. That means we can cater to both small and enterprise-level customers effectively.” No matter the size of your operation, our platform can now adapt more flexibly to your specific needs.

Enhanced Database Protection

We understand that data is the backbone of your supply chain operations. With AWS Serverless, we’ve fortified our database protection measures. Your data isn’t just processed faster and more secure than ever. That’s peace of mind you can count on.

Tailored for Global Operations

This upgrade is a game-changer for those of you operating on a global scale with tight schedules. You can now efficiently run the DDMRP engine and generate daily orders and priorities without sweat.

Staying Ahead of the Curve – Our Commitment to Innovation

A Milestone for B2WISE

Our switch to AWS Serverless isn’t just an upgrade; it’s a transformation that reflects our dedication to innovation. “We’re always looking for ways to advance and provide top-tier solutions,” says Trevor Boake. This move confirms our commitment to stay ahead of the curve in supply chain technology.

Empowering Your Business

By adopting AWS Serverless technology, we’re improving our services and your ability to manage your supply chain. Faster, more reliable data processing means you can quickly make better decisions. In a world where time is money, this is a significant advantage.

Future-Proofing Our Services

What makes this upgrade even more pivotal is its forward-looking approach. AWS Serverless is a platform that’s built for the future. As your business grows and evolves, so will our capabilities to serve you. We’re not just thinking about today; we’re preparing for the supply chain challenges of tomorrow.

Setting New Industry Standards

We believe this upgrade will become a benchmark in the industry. It brings a new level of efficiency and effectiveness that every supply chain operation will want to achieve. We’re proud to be the trailblazers in this arena, setting new standards for what’s possible.

Setting the Stage for a Revolutionary Future in Supply Chain Management

That brings us to the end of our three-part deep dive into our transformative AWS Serverless upgrade. We’re beyond excited about the possibilities this opens up—not just for us but for you, our esteemed clients. We believe we’re setting a new standard in what’s achievable in supply chain management, and we’re thrilled to have you along for this revolutionary journey.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Supply Chain Operations?

We invite you to explore how this cutting-edge technology can redefine what’s possible in your supply chain. Don’t miss the opportunity to gain unparalleled efficiency, speed, and scalability.

We encourage you to talk to our experts for an in-depth conversation on leveraging this technological leap in your supply chain.

🌟 Ready to step into the future of supply chain management? Start your journey today.

About B2WISE

We’re pioneers in demand-driven material requirements planning (DDMRP) solutions. We’re committed to delivering innovative tools and strategies that simplify planning and empower your business to reach new heights in supply chain efficiency and effectiveness.

Media Contact

Laurent Vigouroux, Brand Ambassador, b2wise,

Thank you for being a part of our exciting journey towards a more efficient and effective future in supply chain management. We can’t wait to see where we go together.

External Links:

  1. CrustLab Blog explains serverless architecture, highlighting its benefits for software development and business operations. It describes the cost-effectiveness, scalability, and performance enhancement that serverless architecture brings, which can be particularly beneficial for DDMRP implementations in supply chain management. The blog also discusses AWS’s role in serverless solutions and compares it with other cloud services. Further details are available on their blog page.

FAQ on AWS Serverless Upgrade for DDMRP at B2WISE

1. Why choose AWS Serverless for DDMRP at B2WISE?

We upgraded to AWS Serverless to overcome traditional systems’ data processing and scalability limits, enhancing our supply chain solutions’ speed and reliability.

2. What advantages does AWS Serverless offer for DDMRP operations?

Key benefits include up to 10x faster data processing, scalable infrastructure to match demand, and more robust data security, ensuring efficient and accurate supply chain decisions.

3. How does this upgrade prepare B2WISE for future supply chain challenges?

AWS Serverless positions us at the forefront of technology, ready to adapt to your business growth and evolving supply chain needs, setting new standards for industry efficiency.

B2WISE Adds Advanced Forecasting to DDMRP Solutions

Boston, Massachusetts – B2WISE, a leader in demand-driven material requirements planning (DDMRP), takes supply chain management to the next level by introducing hierarchical forecasting capabilities into its comprehensive solution suite. This enhancement, B2WISE, adds Advanced Forecasting to DDMRP and boosts supply chain precision and efficiency with innovative predictive analysis tools.


In a move that redefines the supply chain landscape, B2WISE is thrilled to announce the integration of advanced hierarchical forecasting capabilities into its demand-driven material requirements planning (DDMRP) solutions. This significant enhancement expands an already robust suite of services, meeting the increasing client demand for comprehensive solutions that include DDMRP, DDS&OP, scheduling, traditional S&OP, and AI modules.

The Need for Forecasting in DDMRP

Traditionally, DDMRP has been lauded for its ability to operate without a heavy reliance on accurate forecasts. However, in today’s rapidly changing market conditions, incorporating forecasting can provide a more nuanced approach to supply chain management. By fusing DDMRP’s strengths with advanced forecasting methods, businesses can navigate the complexities of volatile demand with greater ease and efficiency.

Strategic Partnership with Forecast Pro

To bring this game-changing feature to market, B2WISE has entered into a strategic partnership with Forecast Pro, a renowned authority in forecasting solutions based in Boston. This collaboration allows B2WISE clients to instantly leverage Forecast Pro’s cutting-edge algorithms and machine learning capabilities, streamlining the planning process significantly.

How It Works

The new forecasting module integrates seamlessly into B2WISE’s existing DDMRP solutions. Users can activate advanced forecasting features with a simple click, generating accurate and reliable plans that are more accessible than ever. These algorithms utilize machine learning to adapt to fluctuating market conditions, enhancing the DDMRP system’s robustness.

A Word from Our CEO

We’re deeply committed to keeping pace with technological advancements in supply chain management,” stated Kevin Boake, Global CEO at B2WISE. “This groundbreaking development underscores our dedication to working closely with our customers. By integrating Forecast Pro’s leading-edge algorithms, we equip our clients with an unparalleled forecasting capability that is incredibly user-friendly.

The Impact on Supply Chain Management

Incorporating advanced forecasting into B2WISE’s DDMRP solutions is set to revolutionize supply chain planning and execution. By synergistically combining the strengths of DDMRP with the precision of advanced forecasting, clients can now formulate more realistic plans across operational, tactical, and strategic levels.

Future Outlook

This latest offering places B2WISE at the forefront of supply chain solution providers. The company is planning enhancements integrating additional features like predictive analytics and real-time reporting, aiming to offer an even more comprehensive end-to-end planning tool.

Learn More

For more insights into Forecast Pro and its advanced capabilities, please visit

About B2WISE

Established in 2017, B2WISE has rapidly ascended to become the leader in DDMRP courses, also referred to as Resilient Planning by Gartner. With a focus on innovation and efficiency, B2WISE has a global presence with over 170 clients in 30 countries, supported by seven offices worldwide.


To get an expert in DDMRP or book a demo, please visit our Contact page. For media inquiries, please contact Laurent Vigouroux, Brand Ambassador, B2WISE, at

Digitalise your Supply Chain with Training, Software and Support

Digitalise your Supply Chain: Learn how DDMRP software by B2WISE transforms SCM, offering resilient features, efficient tools, and a community-led approach for improved outcomes and satisfaction.


In the ever-evolving landscape of global supply chains, the need for a resilient and efficient supply chain has never been greater. Integrating Demand-Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP) into your supply chain strategy can significantly improve aspects of supply chain management, including demand planning and inventory levels. This article will explore how B2WISE’s DDMRP software turns planning into a competitive advantage, providing robust planning tools for your operational plan and benefits that resonate with managers and planners alike. We’ll also touch on CommWise, a community-driven platform for continuous improvement.

Software: The B2WISE Application

Choosing the right software is crucial for an effective DDMRP implementation in your supply chain operation. B2WISE’s software has a proven track record in delivering resilient supply chain solutions, featuring Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), ERP system integration, and other critical aspects of supply chain management.

Features: More than Just a Tool

When you opt for B2WISE, you access a range of features to create a resilient supply chain, ensure customer satisfaction, and keep up with global supply chain disruptions. Key features include:

  • Demand Planning: Utilize AI and machine learning to improve your forecasts and meet customer needs.
  • Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP): Focus on critical resources and run fast simulations for your operational plan.
  • ERP Integration: Seamlessly integrate with enterprise resources planning systems like SAP and D365.

Benefits: Why Choose DDMRP Software?

Investing in B2WISE’s DDMRP software offers a myriad of benefits impacting your bottom line:

  • Protect service levels to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Minimize inventory levels and overcoats, especially critical in the face of natural disasters
  • Improve the cash-to-cash cycle and enhance product development
  • Increase ROI through efficient supply chain practices

CommWise: Community-Led Development

B2WISE’s CommWise is more than a product planning tool; it’s a platform for life cycle improvement. Inviting customer insights contributes to product development and the resilience of supply chain operations, making it a cornerstone of our supply chain strategy.

DDMRP Training and More

Are you looking to deepen your knowledge? B2WISE also offers comprehensive DDMRP training to equip you with the skills to manage supply chain disruptions effectively and enact your planning process.


In a world where supply chain management (SCM) is subject to constant change and potential disruptions, DDMRP and B2WISE offer a path to resilience and efficiency. With specialized planning tools and a focus on demand planning, we provide a competitive advantage in operations planning.

We invite you to talk to our experts for specialized queries or to begin your educational journey.

External Link:

Demand Driven Basics (

B2WISE and Etex: DDMRP Future at SCE Paris 2023

Join B2WISE and Etex at the Supply Chain Event in Paris on November 15, 2023. This conference will focus on Demand-Driven Material Requirements Planning. It promises to be groundbreaking. Learn how Etex’s 4-year journey with DDMRP is shaping the future of supply chains.




The SCE is essential for supply chain professionals to connect, share ideas, and find new solutions. The SCE is necessary for supply chain professionals to connect, share ideas, and find new solutions. This pivotal conference will occur on November 15 at 9:30 AM in Paris, Porte de Versailles.


The Significance of the SCE Paris 2023:

The SCE is essential for supply chain professionals to connect, share ideas, and find new solutions. Over 100 exhibitors and professionals from sectors such as Consulting, Transport, and Supply Chain Solutions gather at this event.


The event is a platform for critical discussions, including the Etex and B2WISE DDMRP Conference. These discussions are pivotal in shaping the future of supply chain management.


In its eleventh year, the SCE continues to evolve, offering more than just exhibition space. It provides a space for Automation and Robotics Solutions, Information Systems and Tracking, and Control and Planning Solutions.


This year’s event, including the Etex and B2WISE DDMRP Conference, is particularly significant. The conference aims to equip supply chain professionals with valuable information and strategies.


B2WISE’s Historical Participation:


Since its inception in 2012, B2WISE has been a steadfast participant in the Supply Chain Event (SCE). Our commitment to supply chain innovation and SCE Networking and Innovation is evident through our consistent presence at this pivotal gathering. Our involvement has improved our industry connections and prepared us to showcase our advanced tools and methods.


One of the methodologies we are particularly proud to showcase is Demand-Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP). This approach has had a changing effect on the Building Material Supply Chain Management sector. We showed how DDMRP can change supply chains, making them more flexible and robust in the SCE.



The B2WISE and Etex Partnership:


This year, we’re elevating our participation by hosting a conference titled “DDS&OP chez Etex: Résilience et adaptabilité sur 100 usines.” This significant event results from the B2WISE and Etex Partnership. It will feature esteemed speakers such as Laurent Vigouroux from B2WISE, Claire Ané from Etex, and Peter van Cuyck from Etex. This forum provides a unique opportunity for supply chain planning and customer service enhancements.


The B2WISE and Etex partnership shows how construction companies can manage inventory and risks over a long period. It shows how demand-driven planning principles can optimize supply chain network decoupling points. You can learn from real-world case studies and discover ways to improve service levels significantly.



Etex’s Journey with DDMRP:


Etex is a big company in construction materials and owns Siniat, a famous French plaster maker. Etex is implementing the DDMRP methodology as part of a 4-year transformation journey.


This journey effectively demonstrates how to implement Adaptive Supply Chain Solutions. They will discuss this journey during the conference, focusing specifically on Operational Model Adjustments in Supply Chain.


The journey has been extensive, covering 212 sites worldwide and featuring key inventory management strategies. This experience is a case study for effectively managing the construction industry’s raw materials and lead time. Etex is a leader in adaptive business models, offering insights into risk management and supply chain planning.


Keys to Success:


The conference will offer a deep dive into how Etex’s operational model undergoes weekly adjustments to changes in the supply chain. This dynamic approach utilizes a synergy of information flows between Etex’s SAP system and B2WISE’s DDMRP solutions. This part of the session will offer invaluable insights into supply chain planning and customer service in a volatile market.


Etex will share the strategies that have made it successful as a flexible, customer-focused business. Participants will fully grasp successful risk management, service level optimization, and long-term inventory strategies used by Etex’s supply chain.


What to Expect:


The B2WISE Supply Chain Event 2023 conference promises to be an enriching experience for all attendees. You’ll gain insights into how Etex has successfully navigated the complex global supply chain management terrains using DDMRP methods.


Their approach to changing their supply chain operations is a unique example, particularly in managing construction materials.


The session will provide real-life examples and practical advice. It will help you understand how demand-driven methods can improve your supply chain. Learn about inventory management, service levels, and risk management to succeed in today’s fast-paced supply chain network.




The B2WISE and Etex conference at the SCE Paris 2023 is an event you won’t want to miss. Join us to explore the future of adaptive, demand-driven supply chains and to learn from industry leaders. This is an excellent opportunity for supply chain managers, production planners, and top executives in manufacturing companies. They can learn about advanced supply chain planning and risk management.


This conference is valuable if you’re a Demand Driven Planner or want to improve service levels with DDMRP methodologies. Don’t miss this chance to enhance your understanding of adaptive, demand-driven business models and strategies.


For specialized queries, we recommend talking to our experts or kickstarting your educational journey in supply chain management with us today.