Master Supply Chain with Our Exclusive DDBrix Workshop


Master DDMRP through interactive simulation

Renowned globally, our DDMRP simulation game, DDBRIX,  is the premier tool to introduce an organization to DDMRP and inspire them to want to adopt this new operating model!

The 4 Phases of our DDBrix Workshop

With both the DDBrix Factory and Distribution simulation game, participants experience four phases aimed at explaining how to use both materials and information to accelerate the flow.

The push-flow supply chain

The pull-flow supply chain (Lean)

Acceleration of the physical flow

Importance of relevant information flow

Forecast-driven supply chain

Demand-driven supply chain

DDBrix Goals

In this game, we show how to accelerate material flow using DDMRP Buffers and relevant information.

The objectives are as follows:

Learn some of the fundamental supply chain principles of DDMRP while having fun.

Experience the changes DDMRP will bring to your management of information and material flows in a production and distribution environment.

Understand the new organization proposed by DDMRP for planning and prioritizing production and distribution orders.

Discover how the DDMRP method can stabilize production/distribution and reduce team stress.


  • Supply Chain Professionals
  • DDMRP project team
  • Stakeholders


  • Short version: 5h30 (4h30 + 1h webinar)
  • Long version: 7 hours


The basics of DDMRP


Team Building


Between 7 and 16 people (online or face-to-face)


  • French
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • German
  • Portuguese



Feedback on the DDBrix Workshop

“DDBrix is a very visual and powerful way to understand DDMRP. I love it!”

Eric Augier, Quality and Operational Excellence Manager

“An amazing day! Very educational, fun and we learned a lot about DDMRP.”

Christophe Knapik – Air Liquide

“DDBrix is an easy way to understand DDMRP concepts.”

Manon Dumas – Lectra

“DDBRix in 3 words: very funny, very visual, very attractive! I can’t wait to test it in my factories.”

Pierre Lagarde – NTN

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