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Train Your Team to Become Supply Chain Rockstars

Empowering your team with the right skills and tools in supply chain planning can make a significant difference, enabling them to become up to 70% more efficient. This article guides you through the steps to train your team to become supply chain rockstars, from identifying skill gaps to measuring success.

B2WISE Adds Advanced Forecasting to DDMRP Solutions

B2WISE introduces hierarchical forecasting capabilities into its DDMRP solutions, offering a more robust and integrated approach to supply chain management.

B2WISE Earns ISO 27001, Boosting Data Security

B2WISE attains ISO 27001, enhancing data security and client trust—a strategic move showcasing global compliance and continuous improvement.

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Are you struggling with volatile demand? Master DDMRP with our training to boost planning efficiency, minimize inventory, and elevate service.

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Services offered

B2WISE holds a unique position in the market as the only company that delivers both DDMRP training and software.

Our training

B2WISE is the global leader in Demand Driven training and transformation programs.

Our software

B2WISE is dedicated to developing the best end-to-end supply chain planning solution using DDMRP as its planning and execution model.

Our support

B2WISE is committed to providing comprehensive support to our clients throughout their entire DDMRP journey.

Proven results

Our customers consistently report four key outcomes, with planning efficiency standing out as the primary benefit.

Improve Service Levels


Planners focus on actual, not forecasted, demand.

Reduce Inventory


In DDMRP, this is called Blue inventory

Planning Efficiency


In DDMRP we aim to keep it simple!

Reduce Expedites


DDMRP buffers absorb variability