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Our growing DDMRP community

We’re very proud of our growing DDMRP community, which includes DDMRP authors, leading consulting firms, ERP consulting firms, early adopters, thought leaders, universities, training organizations, and, most importantly, our customers.

What unifies this community is our software.

Our commitment to the community is to provide an application that is relevant, reliable and supports the DDMRP community’s end-to-end planning needs.






DDMRP in the industry

The DDMRP method has been successfully deployed by retailers, distributors, and manufacturers in various industrial sectors.


Manufacturers face long lead times and high variability, with penalties for missing On-Time-In-Full (OTIF) standards. Balancing production and deadlines is critical.


Distributors, in the middle, strive to fulfill customer demands. They depend on manufacturers and aim to balance supply with client needs, often at a high stake.


Retailers must navigate quickly shifting market trends. They prioritize pricing and stock availability to meet consumer expectations and remain competitive.

Protea Chemicals: Who stole my stock?

After 4 attempts with a variety of forecasting/APS solutions over nearly 2 decades, Protea Chemicals never really felt in control, despite continuous efforts to “improve forecasting” and “optimize safety stock”. A year after implementing the DDMRP service, service rates soared and stock levels plummeted. Some even wondered if the stock had been stolen by looking les at the empty spaces in the warehouses.


  • Inventory reduction 30% 30%
  • Reducing the size of the planning team 41% 41%
  • OTIF improvement 4% 4%

Sames Kremlin: Zen planning

Our first customer will always be special. Before adopting DDMRP, the service rate was not in line with the company’s objectives. Order tracking, inventories and material availability were at a frenetic pace. Thanks to DDMRP, the results and awards (Rois de la Supply Chain en France 2018) speak for themselves. The most striking result is the drastic reduction in pressure and stress levels.


  • Reduce lead times 93% 93%
  • Increased service rate 45% 45%
  • Increased ROI thanks to improved service 8% 8%

Air Liquide: 100% targeted service

Air Liquide Healthcare’s hardgoods business was confronted with a customer service rate that was lower than it had hoped for, despite major investments in inventory. In 3 months, the DDMRP operational model improved its service rate by over 12 points and stabilized its OTIF. By providing more than 100 suppliers with a clear signal of its requirements, Air Liquide has enabled them to respond faster to demand, and with less inventory!


  • Lead time reduction 45% 45%
  • Inventory reduction 25% 25%
  • Service rate increase (in points) 12% 12%

bioMérieux: Better Stock !

When your products help people detect and initiate treatment for life-threatening diseases, your service rate has to be flawless, as does the response time of your global supply chain. That’s why, when DDMRP methodology enables you to reduce your inventory levels by over 30% while improving your time-to-market by 60%, you become a superhero!


  • OTIF 100% 100%
  • Lead time reduction 66% 66%
  • Order to cash time reduction 60% 60%

Client testimonials: real stories, real results

“Our DDMRP project wasn’t just a Supply Chain or IT project, it involved the whole company, from the boardroom to the shop floor.” – Sonia Richard, Head of Upstream – bioMérieux

“Thanks to b2wise’s DDMRP solution, our sales and purchasing teams are beginning to understand the complexities and competitive advantage that our Supply Chain can bring us.” – Wilfried Legeron, Continuous Improvment – Air Liquide

“Protea Chemicals was one of the first companies to adopt DDMRP. By working with b2wise, we have truly unleashed the power of planning throughout the organization.” – Ruben Lawrenz, Planning Manager – Protea Chemicals

“We cut MOQ in half, inventory by 20%, lead times by 43%, and eliminated many departmental silos! We’re very proud to have won the title of King of the Supply Chain in France.” – Audrey Mougeot, Supply Chain Manager – Sames Kremlin

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