B2WISE and Etex: DDMRP Future at SCE Paris 2023

Join B2WISE and Etex at the Supply Chain Event in Paris on November 15, 2023. This conference will focus on Demand-Driven Material Requirements Planning. It promises to be groundbreaking. Learn how Etex’s 4-year journey with DDMRP is shaping the future of supply chains.




The SCE is essential for supply chain professionals to connect, share ideas, and find new solutions. The SCE is necessary for supply chain professionals to connect, share ideas, and find new solutions. This pivotal conference will occur on November 15 at 9:30 AM in Paris, Porte de Versailles.


The Significance of the SCE Paris 2023:

The SCE is essential for supply chain professionals to connect, share ideas, and find new solutions. Over 100 exhibitors and professionals from sectors such as Consulting, Transport, and Supply Chain Solutions gather at this event.


The event is a platform for critical discussions, including the Etex and B2WISE DDMRP Conference. These discussions are pivotal in shaping the future of supply chain management.


In its eleventh year, the SCE continues to evolve, offering more than just exhibition space. It provides a space for Automation and Robotics Solutions, Information Systems and Tracking, and Control and Planning Solutions.


This year’s event, including the Etex and B2WISE DDMRP Conference, is particularly significant. The conference aims to equip supply chain professionals with valuable information and strategies.


B2WISE’s Historical Participation:


Since its inception in 2012, B2WISE has been a steadfast participant in the Supply Chain Event (SCE). Our commitment to supply chain innovation and SCE Networking and Innovation is evident through our consistent presence at this pivotal gathering. Our involvement has improved our industry connections and prepared us to showcase our advanced tools and methods.


One of the methodologies we are particularly proud to showcase is Demand-Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP). This approach has had a changing effect on the Building Material Supply Chain Management sector. We showed how DDMRP can change supply chains, making them more flexible and robust in the SCE.



The B2WISE and Etex Partnership:


This year, we’re elevating our participation by hosting a conference titled “DDS&OP chez Etex: Résilience et adaptabilité sur 100 usines.” This significant event results from the B2WISE and Etex Partnership. It will feature esteemed speakers such as Laurent Vigouroux from B2WISE, Claire Ané from Etex, and Peter van Cuyck from Etex. This forum provides a unique opportunity for supply chain planning and customer service enhancements.


The B2WISE and Etex partnership shows how construction companies can manage inventory and risks over a long period. It shows how demand-driven planning principles can optimize supply chain network decoupling points. You can learn from real-world case studies and discover ways to improve service levels significantly.



Etex’s Journey with DDMRP:


Etex is a big company in construction materials and owns Siniat, a famous French plaster maker. Etex is implementing the DDMRP methodology as part of a 4-year transformation journey.


This journey effectively demonstrates how to implement Adaptive Supply Chain Solutions. They will discuss this journey during the conference, focusing specifically on Operational Model Adjustments in Supply Chain.


The journey has been extensive, covering 212 sites worldwide and featuring key inventory management strategies. This experience is a case study for effectively managing the construction industry’s raw materials and lead time. Etex is a leader in adaptive business models, offering insights into risk management and supply chain planning.


Keys to Success:


The conference will offer a deep dive into how Etex’s operational model undergoes weekly adjustments to changes in the supply chain. This dynamic approach utilizes a synergy of information flows between Etex’s SAP system and B2WISE’s DDMRP solutions. This part of the session will offer invaluable insights into supply chain planning and customer service in a volatile market.


Etex will share the strategies that have made it successful as a flexible, customer-focused business. Participants will fully grasp successful risk management, service level optimization, and long-term inventory strategies used by Etex’s supply chain.


What to Expect:


The B2WISE Supply Chain Event 2023 conference promises to be an enriching experience for all attendees. You’ll gain insights into how Etex has successfully navigated the complex global supply chain management terrains using DDMRP methods.


Their approach to changing their supply chain operations is a unique example, particularly in managing construction materials.


The session will provide real-life examples and practical advice. It will help you understand how demand-driven methods can improve your supply chain. Learn about inventory management, service levels, and risk management to succeed in today’s fast-paced supply chain network.




The B2WISE and Etex conference at the SCE Paris 2023 is an event you won’t want to miss. Join us to explore the future of adaptive, demand-driven supply chains and to learn from industry leaders. This is an excellent opportunity for supply chain managers, production planners, and top executives in manufacturing companies. They can learn about advanced supply chain planning and risk management.


This conference is valuable if you’re a Demand Driven Planner or want to improve service levels with DDMRP methodologies. Don’t miss this chance to enhance your understanding of adaptive, demand-driven business models and strategies.


For specialized queries, we recommend talking to our experts or kickstarting your educational journey in supply chain management with us today.

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