B2WISE Adds Advanced Forecasting to DDMRP Solutions

Boston, Massachusetts – B2WISE, a leader in demand-driven material requirements planning (DDMRP), takes supply chain management to the next level by introducing hierarchical forecasting capabilities into its comprehensive solution suite. This enhancement, B2WISE, adds Advanced Forecasting to DDMRP and boosts supply chain precision and efficiency with innovative predictive analysis tools.


In a move that redefines the supply chain landscape, B2WISE is thrilled to announce the integration of advanced hierarchical forecasting capabilities into its demand-driven material requirements planning (DDMRP) solutions. This significant enhancement expands an already robust suite of services, meeting the increasing client demand for comprehensive solutions that include DDMRP, DDS&OP, scheduling, traditional S&OP, and AI modules.

The Need for Forecasting in DDMRP

Traditionally, DDMRP has been lauded for its ability to operate without a heavy reliance on accurate forecasts. However, in today’s rapidly changing market conditions, incorporating forecasting can provide a more nuanced approach to supply chain management. By fusing DDMRP’s strengths with advanced forecasting methods, businesses can navigate the complexities of volatile demand with greater ease and efficiency.

Strategic Partnership with Forecast Pro

To bring this game-changing feature to market, B2WISE has entered into a strategic partnership with Forecast Pro, a renowned authority in forecasting solutions based in Boston. This collaboration allows B2WISE clients to instantly leverage Forecast Pro’s cutting-edge algorithms and machine learning capabilities, streamlining the planning process significantly.

How It Works

The new forecasting module integrates seamlessly into B2WISE’s existing DDMRP solutions. Users can activate advanced forecasting features with a simple click, generating accurate and reliable plans that are more accessible than ever. These algorithms utilize machine learning to adapt to fluctuating market conditions, enhancing the DDMRP system’s robustness.

A Word from Our CEO

We’re deeply committed to keeping pace with technological advancements in supply chain management,” stated Kevin Boake, Global CEO at B2WISE. “This groundbreaking development underscores our dedication to working closely with our customers. By integrating Forecast Pro’s leading-edge algorithms, we equip our clients with an unparalleled forecasting capability that is incredibly user-friendly.

The Impact on Supply Chain Management

Incorporating advanced forecasting into B2WISE’s DDMRP solutions is set to revolutionize supply chain planning and execution. By synergistically combining the strengths of DDMRP with the precision of advanced forecasting, clients can now formulate more realistic plans across operational, tactical, and strategic levels.

Future Outlook

This latest offering places B2WISE at the forefront of supply chain solution providers. The company is planning enhancements integrating additional features like predictive analytics and real-time reporting, aiming to offer an even more comprehensive end-to-end planning tool.

Learn More

For more insights into Forecast Pro and its advanced capabilities, please visit www.forecastpro.com.

About B2WISE

Established in 2017, B2WISE has rapidly ascended to become the leader in DDMRP courses, also referred to as Resilient Planning by Gartner. With a focus on innovation and efficiency, B2WISE has a global presence with over 170 clients in 30 countries, supported by seven offices worldwide.


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