The Evolutionary Journey of B2WISE in DDMRP Solutions

Discover b2wise’s transformative journey in DDMRP solutions. From its 2016 founding to global expansion and tech advancements, learn how we lead in SCM.


At b2wise, we pride ourselves on being more than just a leading provider of Demand-Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP) solutions. Our history is a compelling narrative of innovation, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in supply chain management. This article takes you through critical milestones that have shaped our legacy, from the early days to our recent advancements and future outlook.

The Early Days:

The inception of b2wise in September 2016 marked the beginning of a long-term commitment to revolutionize supply chain management. From day one, we focused on offering demand-driven DDMRP solutions that would transform how businesses operate.

By January 2017, we had already made significant strides by signing our first client, Sames Kremlin. This partnership was not just a business transaction; it was a mission. A mission to convert their Excel Spreadsheet DDMRP solution into a formal SaaS platform. This early achievement set the tone for our long-term vision, demonstrating our dedication to providing robust, demand-driven solutions that stand the test of time.

Awards and Recognition:

Our commitment to Supply Chain Management Innovation was recognized early on, solidifying our reputation as a leader in the industry. In November 2017, we received the King of Supply Chain award in France, a testament to our innovative approaches and solutions.

This was followed by a Gold Award at the Logistics Achieve Awards 2018 in South Africa. These accolades validated our efforts and reflected the high customer satisfaction we strive to deliver. Our awards are milestones, each marking a significant achievement in our ongoing journey to excel in supply chain management.

Global Expansion:

The story of b2wise is not confined to one country or continent; it’s a tale of global expansion. Our vision has always been to offer our innovative DDMRP solutions to a wide range of businesses across the globe.

Starting with our South African Business Unit in February 2017, we quickly expanded our supply chain operations to include the USA, the Asia-Pacific region, Iberia, and the UK. Each new business unit represents a strategic move to cater to the diverse needs of businesses worldwide, further solidifying our wide-ranging impact in supply chain management.

Technological Advancements:

Innovation is at the core of b2wise, evident in our technological advancements. In January 2021, we took a significant leap by transitioning to AWS serverless architecture, enabling us to process over 1.5 million SKUs in real time in under three hours.

Our commitment to staying ahead of the curve led us to integrate artificial intelligence into our solutions. By June 2022, we had launched our data mart and AI model, further enhancing our DDMRP solutions. These technological advancements are not just features but integral components that drive real-time decision-making and operational efficiency for our clients.

Recent Milestones:

Our journey is marked by significant milestones reflecting our growth and impact in the industry. As of October 2023, we’ve completed our 14th global rollout, a testament to our robust milestone systems and the life cycle of our solutions.

These milestones are not just numbers; they represent our tangible impact on businesses worldwide. From signing our 172nd customer to launching our LATAM Business Unit, each milestone is a chapter in our ongoing story, reinforcing our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.


Our journey at b2wise is a testament to our commitment to creating an innovative supply chain ecosystem. We have consistently strived to reduce business costs while delivering robust and reliable DDMRP solutions.

The milestones, awards, and technological advancements we’ve achieved make a compelling business case for why b2wise is a leader in supply chain management. As we look to the future, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in our industry.

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