Radical improvement of business performance requires the coming together of all functions and the development of a shared philosophy for planning and execution. B2Wise enables this thought a number of specifically designed DDMRP corporate training courses. These programmes are delivered on-premise or through the schedule of open training course dates listed below.

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Open Training Courses

DateProgramInstructorLocationLanguageSpaces Available
19 - 20 June 2019DDP TrainingKevin BoakeBirmingham, UKEnglish9
17 - 18 July 2019DDP TrainingAlan Jansen van VuurenJohannesburg, SAEnglish12
7 August 2019DDBrix WorskhopAlan Jansen van VuurenJohannesburg, SAEnglish12
8 February 2019DD Brix WorkshopLaurent VigourouxParis, FranceFrench12
13 February 2019DD Brix WorkshopKevin BoakeBirmingham, UKEnglish12
6 - 7 February 2019DDP TrainingLaurent VigourouxParis, FranceFrench10
14 March 2020DD Brix WorkshopLaurent VigourouxParis, FranceFrench12
19 March 2020DDP TrainingKevin BoakeBirmingham, UKEnglish10
1-2 April 2020DDL TrainingLaurent VigourouxParis, FranceFrench10
3 May 2020DD Brix WorkshopLaurent VigourouxParis, FranceFrench12
10-11 May 2020DDP TrainingKevin BoakeBirmingham, UKEnglish12

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